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Vehicle information:

Name: Toyota Estima Hybrid
Region: Japanese domestic
Mfg. years: 2006-nowadays
Model: AHR20W (DAA-AHR20W)
Engine: 2AZ-FXE
Transaxle: P310 THS II
Rear transaxle: Q211 E-FOUR

Manual information:

Languages: English, Russian and Japanese
Translation: contents, EWD, troubleshooting articles and other
Version: 2.01 / 15.04.2012 version history
Quantity of CD: 1 CD

The Manual contains the detailed description of repair and diagnostics of all units of the vehicle, including detailed electric schemes, processes of assembly and disassembly of the every unit, body sizes for an extract of a body, all electric components and ECUs location, the necessary special tool, and other information. Also the manual covers all generations of AHR20 model, with changes in 2007.06, 2008.12 and 2009.12.

There are four main chapters in the manual:

The most valuable chapter. Contains information about troubleshooting EFI system, ECB (VSC, ABS, 4WD) system, everything related to hybrid functionality (control ECUs, HV battery) and so on. Each Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is explained and corresponding troubleshooting provided. Also contains information about assembly/disassembly of every vehicle's unit or their replacement procedures.

This chapter contains general information about the vehicle and answers the questions about technologies related to it. Everything in a car: sound system, engine/motors torques, wheel camber and even ecology requirements in the manufacturing process are covered. This chapter will not be translated.

EWD (electric wiring diagrams):
This chapter is translated fully and provides information of the electrical circuits installed on vehicle by dividing them into a circuit for each system. Covers every electric part of the vehicle and gives location and descriptions of every connector and fuse.

This chapter is about 2AZ-FXE engine handling. Everything related to the engine mechanical is explained.

(the mark means already translated article. Please note that the screenshots may not represent the current state of the translation)

Also, the EPC catalog was added to CD. It contains information about the original spare parts.

Translation status:
Already translated:
- The table of contents.
- The EWD. All the diagrams and connectors description.
- DTC summary (DTC Chart) articles for engine, hybrid system, transaxle, HV battery and ECB (VSC, ABS, 4WD) systems.

All diagnostic articles cover DTC checking and erasing methods, reference values for the sensors, linear valve learning procedure for ECB, active test descriptions and so on. Some of these are possible to perform without any hand-held tester.

The nearest plans:
- Continue to translate DTC summary articles

See the version history below for the list of recent translation.

Updates and support:
You will get free translation updates as soon as they will be available. Updates will be downloaded from for free forever. Also we will assist you in software installation and updates installation.

How to buy:
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There are two delivery methods:
- Internet. We provide you a download link to the manual archive only.
- EMS post. We send you the CD containing manual and software pack with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Japanese Font pack, OCR software with Japanese language support and the firmware for Toyota's S2000 intelligent tester.

Only the software pack is the difference between these two methods. The second one is a bit more expensive because of shipping payment required. Delivery price differs for the specific country.

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